Interuniversity Ph.D. in Accounting and Management


The PhD in Accounting and Management is coordinated and offered jointly by the Department of Economics and Statistics of University of Udine and The Department of Business Administration of University of Verona. Our PhD programme is targeted to the development and education of the next generation of scholars in a broad range of disciplines and topics. By experiencing an interdisciplinary approach, the knowledge and competencies of our PhD students will grow up in an exciting research environment where a rigorous teaching programme and a supervised research path will allow our students to strength their
thoughts and actions in the chosen research field.
“Thinking like a scholar” is our motto. In a collaborative environment, our PhD candidates will exchange and debate ideas, method and tools with faculty and visiting scholars with the aim to generate a sound knowledge spill-over effect to the external community and faculty as well.
Our PhD candidates are expected to work hard but their efforts will be the first step to develop their carriers in business schools, universities, research centres and companies, in Italy and abroad.

The programme structure

The Accounting and Management PhD course is a three year full time programme. In the first year, the PhD candidates will attend a comprehensive set of courses designed to develop knowledge about the theories and methods necessary to conduct high quality research in accounting and management. Furthermore, students will complete the first year with courses focused on the traditional and emerging topics on accounting and management disciplines. Alongside this, students will attend courses and seminars aimed at developing specific skills such as academic writing, project design and financing. In the second year, our PhD students are requested to commence research in their chosen topics and to perform assessed works. The year culminates with the presentation of the first research paper to the scientific committee. In the third year, the research work continues by performing two research papers that make a substantial original contribution to knowledge or understanding in the chosen field.
Students are matched with a supervisor experienced in the field of the specific research interest. The supervisor helps students to refine research project and schedule a realistic research plan.

In order to progress to the following year, students must have achieved a pass mark of at least 80 per cent (a C score) in their course exams and have made satisfactory progress in their research work.

The Assessment Committee of the PhD in Accounting and Management programme will meet twice a year in order to evaluate the progress of the research plans and move students onto the second and third year.

Course details

Degree type
3 years
Degree class
DOTTORATO - Classe per i Dottorati (ateneo)
Supervisory body
Collegio dei docenti del Dottorato in Accounting and Management
Segreteria Scuola di Dottorato - Area Scienze Giuridiche ed Economiche
Teaching and course administration
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Graduate School
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