PhD in Economics and Business Administration (last activated in 2013)

Course partially running (all years except the first)

Marketing and Logisitcs

aprile 2013 – giugno 2013

Academic staff
Paola Signori

Series to which this belongs

28° Ciclo - GSEM


 The goal of this course is to provide the main knowledge about marketing and logistics. 
The interface between marketing and logistics is recognized as a strategic priority for management in organization, and both practitioners and academics are analyzing when and 
how the management of the supply chain as a whole can represent a way for achieving the competitive advantage. 
The scope of this Ph.D.’s course is therefore to describe definitions, strategic/operational objectives and characteristics of Marketing and Logistics, and then to provide a theoretical framework of their integration. Lecturers aim also at describing the historical evolution of managerial approaches, in order to deeply understand strategic priorities and business techniques among different époques. 
The application of a different frameworks will be analyzed through industry examples with case studies, to be presented and discussed in the class with the scope to offer practical insight. Case studies will refer to different industries, supply chain’s dimensions and countries, to provide an overview of issues in global supply chain management. 
The Ph.D.’s course has therefore the following objectives: 
• to offer an opportunity for students to develop a richer understanding of these topics; 
• to provide a forum in which doctoral students will have an opportunity to dialogue with 
academic experts; 
• to expose students to research policy, techniques, and approaches in marketing and 
• to build a level of professionalism and awareness of issues, challenges, and opportunities 
in the global business community; 
• to provide Ph.D. students with papers to be presented and discussed in classroom. 

Durata totale: 30 ore

Guadenzi Barbara: 15 ore;
Signori Paola: 15 ore