University Masters in Wine Production and International Competition” (IVeCI)(1st level)

Course partially running (all years except the first)


The structure of the international wine market has greatly diversified recently, changing the geography of wine production significantly from the point of view of demand and supply. The main factors of change can be described as follows: a) the development of new consumer areas (such as south-east Asia, Australia, North America, Northern Europe) b) the numerical stagnation of demand in the traditional producer countries c) the affirmation of new consumer models and behaviours d) the intensification of exchanges between countries and macro geographic areas e) the powerful entry into the international market of new competitor countries especially in the “basic” and “premium” wine sectors f) the evolution of international wine production policies and regulations. These changes present new and more uncertain competitive scenarios to wine producers which require a significant degree of strategic and organisational adaptation. The “Masters in Wine Production and International Competition” (IVeCI) is set in this context and aims to train middle level managers for companies operating in the wine-producing sector with a high level of competence in the management of relations with the international market.

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Degree type
Advanced postgraduate course
1 Year
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Scientific Committee for 1st level University Masters in Wine Production and International Competition (IVeCI)
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Law and Economics
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