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Digital Transformation and organizational impacts

The International Research Group, with the participation of members from the University of Verona, Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Université Catholique de Lille, and Lund University, aims to study the organizational consequences of Digital Transformation. In particular, it focuses on changes in work organization, strategic-managerial orientations, and companies' sustainability. Digital Transformation is not just a simple business process of investing in information systems, but it also concerns the ability of companies to implement its use by modifying their processes and organizational structures and also promoting a process of human capital development capable of managing the challenge that it brings. Scientific Direction: Cecilia Rossignoli Coordination of the Research Group: Ludovico Bullini Orlandi The results obtained so far have been published in the following academic journals: - Bullini Orlandi, L. (2016). Organizational capabilities in the digital era: Reframing strategic orientation. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, 1(3), 156-161. - Bullini Orlandi, L., Ricciardi, F., Rossignoli, C., & De Marco, M. (2019). Scholarly work in the Internet age: Co-evolving technologies, institutions and workflows. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, 4(1), 55-61. - Bullini Orlandi, L., Zardini, A., & Rossignoli, C. (2020). Organizational technological opportunism and social media: The deployment of social media analytics to sense and respond to technological discontinuities. Journal of Business Research, 112, 385-395. - Bullini Orlandi, L., & Pierce, P. (2019). Analysis or intuition? Reframing the decision-making styles debate in technological settings. Management Decision. 58(1), 129-145. - Zoppelletto, A., Bullini Orlandi, L., & Rossignoli, C. (2020). Adopting a digital transformation strategy to enhance business network commons regeneration: an explorative case study. The TQM Journal, 32(4), 561-585. - Bullini Orlandi, L., Zardini, A., & Rossignoli, C. (2021). Highway to hell: cultural propensity and digital infrastructure gap as recipe to entrepreneurial death. Journal of Business Research, 123, 188-195. - Veglianti E., Li Y. De Marco M. (2021). The Role of Smart Buildings in the Digital Transformation Era: Insight on China. Digital Transformation, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing. Springer  - Li Y., Li Y., Pan X., Veglianti E. (2021) The Network Structure Characteristics and Determinants of the Belt & Road Industrial Robot Trade. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade. Taylor and Francis,58:5, 1491-1501 - Zoppelletto, A., & Bullini Orlandi, L. (2022). Cultural and digital collaboration infrastructures as sustainability enhancing factors: A configurational approach. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 179, 121645. - Zoppelletto, A., Bullini Orlandi, L., Zardini, A., Rossignoli, C., & Kraus, S. (2023). Organizational roles in the context of digital transformation: A micro-level perspective. Journal of Business Research, 157, 113563.
Cecilia Rossignoli
Full Professor
Alessandro Zardini
Associate Professor
External components
Ludovico Bullini Orlandi
Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
Eleonora Veglianti
Université Catholique de Lille
Paul Pierce
Lund University
Alessia Zoppelletto
Università di Trento
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Business Intelligence, Big Data, and eGovernment Gestione dei sistemi informativi aziendali
Management information systems
Change management and the impact of ICT on the hospital Health care management
Health care management
The impact of eBusiness on organization Gestione dei sistemi informativi aziendali
Management information systems
New business models and coordination costs Studi organizzativi
Organizational studies
New business model and business process management Studi organizzativi
Organizational studies
Change management in the Health Care System and eHealth Health care management
Health care management
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Digital Transformation e orientamenti strategico-manageriali Cecilia Rossignoli Jan 1, 2020 36
Digital Transformation e sostenibilità nelle PMI Cecilia Rossignoli Jan 1, 2021 36


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