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Integrated reporting

The research group investigates the Integrated Report (IR) as an innovative paradigm of external reporting that allows to incorporate sustainability issues in a holistic view of the company, by combining financial and non-financial information. Particularly, the research group explores the reasons behind the adoption of integrated reporting, the organizational and accountability implications of integrated reporting, the quality of information provided by companies through the Integrated Report as well as the impacts of this information on financial market. Further areas of research concern the investigation of the relationships occurring between integrated reporting and integrated thinking, as well as the managerial implications of the integrated report adoption in terms of management and enhancement of intangible resources. Finally, the research group explores practical procedures that Integrated Report preparers implement while applying the guiding principles established by the International Integrated Reporting Council (e.g. principles of materiality and connectivity of information). Research activities mainly employ interpretative models and interdisciplinary methods of analysis; further, they adopt both qualitative and quantitative empirical analyses.
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Riccardo Stacchezzini

Riccardo Stacchezzini
Full Professor
Cristina Florio
Associate Professor
Francesca Rossignoli
Associate Professor
Silvano Corbella
Full Professor
Alessandro Lai
Full Professor
Topic Research area
Accounting and Governance in a historical perspective Storia della ragioneria
Accounting history
Enterprise Risk Management, corporate governance and firm performance Gestione del rischio
Risk management
Integrated Reporting Contabiità
Compliance program Governance aziendale e strategia
Corporate governance and strategy
Purchase price allocation in business combination Contabiità
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Integrated Reporting e piccole e medie imprese: quale ruolo per l’informativa integrata? Alessandro Lai Studio associato TZ&A di Vicenza - assegnato e gestito da un ente esterno all'ateneo Apr 1, 2017 24
Aligning corporate communication with investors and other stakeholders’ needs: the role of the “integrated report” Riccardo Stacchezzini Ricerca di base 2015 - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento Nov 3, 2016 24


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