Specialized Degree in Marketing and Communication ( Cat. 68/S)

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Course curriculum: training activities divided by year of enrollment
Year Credits TTA Activity Academic year of attendance
B Business Plan and business strategies - Business Plan and Company Strategies (SECS-P/08) 2003/2004
B Fundamental Market Analysis (SECS-P/02) 2003/2004
A History of Communication (SECS-P/12) 2003/2004
S Accounting models of business communication - Budgeting and Company Communication (SECS-P/07) 2003/2004
S Internal Communication Organisation (SECS-P/10) 2003/2004
A Communication economics and techniques - Marketing Communication techniques (SECS-P/08) 2003/2004
B Internet Marketing and E-commerce (SECS-P/08) 2003/2004
B Industrial Law (IUS/04) 2003/2004
B European Union Law: on Information and Information Technology (IUS/14) 2003/2004
C Consumer and Communication Sociology (SPS/09) 2003/2004
B Theory and Techniques of Sampling (SECS-S/01) 2003/2004
A Public relations economics and techniques - Economics and Public Relations Techniques (SECS-P/08) 2003/2004
S Company Finance - Corporate finance (SECS-P/09) 2003/2004
B Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SECS-P/08) 2003/2004
C Sociology of economic processes of work - Sociology of Economic Labour Processes (SPS/09) 2003/2004
B Corporate identity and image (SECS-P/08) 2004/2005
S Crisis Management (SECS-P/08) 2004/2005
B Innovation Economics (SECS-P/06) 2004/2005
S The ethic dimension of marketing - The Ethical Dimension of Marketing (SECS-P/08) 2004/2005
S Marketing for non-profit companies - Non-profit Company Marketing (SECS-P/08) 2004/2005
C History and theory of social mobility and migratory flows - History and Theory of Social Mobility and Migration Flows (SECS-P/12) 2004/2005
S Trade marketing and category management - Trade Marketing and Category Movement (SECS-P/08) 2004/2005
S Customer Relationship and Product Development Management (SECS-P/08) 2004/2005
12  D Student's choice  
F Other activities (art. 10 co. 1 lett. f)  
20  E Final test