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After extensively examining depositor insurance schemes in Europe, the research now aims to examine a particular case. Australia was one of the few developed countries that did not have deposit insurance schemes before 2008. With the growing uncertainty surrounding global financial markets in 2008, the Australian government decided to introduce depositor protection. Thus, in this case, deposit insurance measures were introduced not because of a threat to the internal stability of the banking system, but mainly as a precautionary measure to cope with the deterioration of conditions in foreign financial markets. These particular characteristics led the research team to investigate whether Australian banks took more risks (moral hazard) in the presence of a deposit insurance system. The main publications of the group are the following:

  • Chesini G., Giaretta E., “Depositor discipline for better or for worse. What enhanced depositors' confidence on the banking system in the last ten years?”, in Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, (2017).
  • Chesini G., Giaretta E., “Moving towards Pan European Deposit Guarantee Scheme: How Bank Riskiness is Relevant in the Scheme”, in Beccalli E., Poli F. (Eds), Bank Risk, Governance and Regulation, UK, Palgrave Macmillan , 2015.
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