Investigating senior guests' needs at hotels

Data inizio
15 gennaio 2014
Durata (mesi) 
Responsabili (o referenti locali)
Bonfanti Angelo , Vigolo Vania

This project analyses hotel service quality from the perspective of senior guests. It addresses two research questions. First, what attributes of hotels satisfy and delight senior guests? Second, what are the needs and wants of senior guests being met by these attributes? Qualitative research conducted among Italian seniors suggests that hotel managers can delight senior guests by meeting their expectations for uniqueness, novelty seeking, knowledge seeking and emotional atmosphere.

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Angelo Bonfanti
Professore associato
Vania Vigolo
Professore associato
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Gestione dei servizi
Service management
Gestione del turismo
Tourism management
Titolo Autori Anno
Exploring the Importance of Basic Hotel Attributes: A Focus on Senior Wellness Tourists Vigolo, Vania; Bonfanti, Angelo 2016
Satisfying and delighting senior guests at hotels Vigolo, Vania; Bonfanti, Angelo 2014