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Ciclo di Seminari di Ricerca del Dipartimento di Management

Stefano Landi

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Seminars which have already taken place
Date Time Title Supervisor
7/3/24 Meet the visiting.Breathing, grieving, and staring as sites for a radical vulnerability. Melissa Tyler - University of Essex
6/19/24 Meet the visiting.Greening thy Neighbor: Spillovers from Advanced Economy Climate Policies. Daniel te Kaat - University of Groningen
6/6/24 Meet the visiting. Research-Driven Productivity Growth Redux: Are Ideas Really Getting Harder to Find? Julian Alston - University of California, Davis
5/22/24 Meet the visiting. What motivates public employees to engage with co-production? Experimental evidence from urban planning. Paolo Belardinelli - Indiana University
4/17/24 12:00 PM Ph.D. Seminar. How to Craft Compelling Conceptual Papers for Scholarly Journals. Bo Edvardsson - Karlstad University –Sweden
4/9/24 12:00 PM Meet the visiting.Humanization of Virtual Assistants and Delegation Choices Andreas Drichoutis - Agricultural University of Athens - Greece
3/20/24 12:00 PM Meet the visiting. Success and Failures in Experimental Design. Bridget Nichols - Northen Kentucky University
3/13/24 12:00 PM Meet the visiting.Strategizing on accountability: an interventionist approach. Enrico Bracci - Università di Ferrara
2/29/24 12:00 PM Meet the visiting.Consumer acceptance of Australian alternative and genedited traditional grape varieties. Syuzanna Mosikyan - University of Adelaide
2/14/24 12:30 PM Research insight.Historical roots of lending discrimination and new research ideas on the U.S. mortgage market. Alex Sclip - Università degli Studi di Verona
11/28/23 11:00 AM Ph.D. Seminar. The Gioia Methodology: Key Assumptions and Building Blocks. Giovanna Magnani - Università degli Studi di Pavia
11/22/23 12:30 PM Meet the visiting. Counting differently for inclusion: Performing inclusivity in a youth theatre. Giulia Achilli - Royal Holloway University of London
10/18/23 12:00 PM Meet the visiting. Natural gas price uncertainty and corporate cash holdings. Stefano Piserà - Università di Genova
9/20/23 12:30 PM Meet the visiting. The Bumpy Road to Possible Success. Volker G. Kuppelwieser - NEOMA Business School
6/22/23 11:00 AM Meet the editor:Steven Carnovale,Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management Framing the supply chain management, logistics and operations research: how to publish in academic journals Prof. Steven Carnovale
6/13/23 11:00 AM Meet the visiting. Emerging digital technologies and professional services: current and future agenda for marketing research. Piyush Sharma - Curtin University in Perth
5/31/23 12:00 PM Meet the visiting. Competition and financial stability in microfinance: the role of loan portfolio growth Antonio Blanco Oliver - University of Seville