Degree in Economics and Service Industry Management (Cat. 17) (until 2008-2009)

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The degree in Economics and Service Industry Management aims mainly to train graduates who willl be informed on matters related to socio-economic phenomena. They will also develop their professional abilities as far as managing and running service industries are concerned ( commerce, tourism, transport, health and public services), sectors, that is, which belong to the so-called third sector. Students will become familiar, in particular, with the interactive processes which take place in various different ways when dealing with clients in their roles as partners in production or as "users" of the particular services being offered on the market. Students will also become familiar with the most suitable methods of quality control and improvement of the services provided. This must also be considered with an eye to the telematic innovations which are taking place. The course aims to give students those educational tools of a methodological-theoretical and applicative nature that will enable them to understand how companies of this type, in both the public and private sectors, work and are run in their own particular market contexts. Because of the close relationship we have with the local area, this course will be developed on the basis that those taking part have adequate knowledge of the way the local socio-economic processes are being developed.

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Degree type
3 years
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17 - Undergraduate degree in economics and business management studies
Supervisory body
Collegio didattico di Economia Aziendale (dismesso il 30 settembre 2018)
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Operational unit Economics Teaching and Student Services Unit
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Economics Law
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Law and Economics
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