Bachelor in Economics and Management of the Service Industry (cat 17)

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This course was replaced in 2004-2005 by the Bachelor in Economics and Management of the Service Industry. The degree course in Economy and Management of Service Companies aims at training graduates who have the knowledge to understand economic-social phenomena and the professional ability connected to management of service companies (trade, tourism, transport, public health and services), that is od those businesses belonging to the so-called third sector. In particular, the student will have to become fluent with the interactive processes that are created with the client in his role as partner in production and service user, as well as the most suitable techniques for control and service quality improvement even in light of the present telematic innovatopns. The course thus intends to give the students the theoretical-methodological and applicative training instruments to understand the functioning and managing of companies and businesses that operate in the field of private and public services within their market context. Because of its strong relational and functional connectionwith the territory, the course will be developed on the basis of a good knowledge of local socio-economic development processes.

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Degree type
3 years
Degree class
17 - Undergraduate degree in economics and business management studies
Supervisory body
Collegio didattico di Economia Aziendale (dismesso il 30 settembre 2018)
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Operational unit Economics Teaching and Student Services Unit
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Economics Law
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Law and Economics
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