Advanced / Professional development course in Managing family businesses

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Family businesses are the backbone of Italian entrepreneurship and a huge source of the creation of value and values. Managing family businesses has some obvious particularities due to their often limited size, as well as many other factors. The course addresses these complex issues while identifying strengths and weaknesses of the family business. Participants will study the management and running of family businesses from both theoretical and practical perspectives.
Graduates of the course will have well-rounded knowledge of family businesses, business processes and ways to pass the business to its successors. They will have learnt about business administration and control, business finance, balance sheets and financial statements and laws concerning business partnerships and taxes.

Course details

Degree type
Advanced postgraduate course
1 Year
Degree class
CP - Advanced courses (university)
Supervisory body
Comitato Scientifico del Corso di Perfezionamento e di Aggiornamento professionale in Gestione delle Imprese familiari
Main Department
Macro area
Law and Economics
Subject area