Research strategies

The Department of Management aims to create knowledge through the promotion of the scientific research, organized in different study areas aimed at developing innovative research projects in collaboration with companies and institutions at national and international level.

The scientific approach adopted by the Department of Management is multidisciplinary in nature. It studies the company from different research perspectives such as accounting, agricultural and resource economics, corporate finance, management of financial institutions, logistics, management, marketing, organization, performance management and commodity sciences. In this way, it promotes specialization and interdisciplinarity that are necessary for grasping the complex reality of the business as a whole.

The research is conducted in theoretical terms and is systematically supported by both qualitative and quantitative empirical investigations. Given that it can make use of the contribution of scholars belonging to different scientific fields, the scientific approach to research uses methodological tools that are typical of economic-statistical disciplines and, more generally, of social research.

Through an inductive/deductive approach, research skills of Department of Management allow scholars to examine the various business problems by ensuring analytical and solution capabilities.

The multidisciplinarity of all the scientific areas makes it possible to develop cross-discipline research projects, which have already given rise to collaborative works which appeared in high-level publishing outlets.

The Department of Management is markedly and consistently investing towards the internationalization of scientific research by collaborating with additional foreign universities. This tension of the Department towards a strong international connotation responds to a twofold purpose: 1) promote and sustain the competitiveness of research by increasing its quality and impact at national and international level, and 2) to strive to make the research comparable with the best practices available in other Europeans and extra-European contexts. The Department of Management is integrating international researchers into research projects. In this regard, it is increasing the number of foreign visitors in the Department, also in order to increase the opportunities for publication with foreign co-authors. The developed networks contribute to create opportunities of collaboration for the individual members of the Department who actively participate and organize national and international conferences and workshops, thus giving visibility to the Department and to the University itself.

The link with the territory has always been decisive in the research path of the Department of Management. This link is developed through the relationships established with a number of stakeholders. All the research groups within the Department are stimulated in their study activity by field research, typical of the social sciences through which scholars deepen their research topics in a local, national and international perspective. The research activity of the Department is characterized by the numerous collaboration agreements signed between the Department and local organizations, thus allowing the creation of an open research platform on various topics.

The research areas are individually presented in the research section.


Research facilities