Smart Energy Management: Managing energy efficiency in companies

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Energy management in companies or factories requires an ever-increasing array of multidisciplinary expertise spanning different branches of engineering, economics and business management. Participants of the course will gain knowledge and skills for this professional role. They will learn to identify and evaluate opportunities for energy efficiency to be implemented in their own business or organisation. In this context, smart energy managers must be familiar with regulations, alongside techniques for assessing the implementation of potential energy efficient measures. They must therefore know different techniques for achieving energy efficiency and be able to choose which may be most suitable and which may not be technically feasible in a given situation. At the same time, it is necessary to know how to evaluate the various options using comparative analyses, which must be based on economic tools and business management. Although it seems ambitious, the education and training for this dichotomous "technical-economic" professional role would fill a gap in university education, which traditionally focuses on either one discipline or the other.

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Advanced postgraduate course
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Comitato scientifico del Smart Energy Management. Gestire i processi di efficienza energetica in azienda
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Law and Economics
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