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A multidisciplinary approach for understanding the potential of crowdfunding in Italy

The research project aims to explore, through a qualitative approach, certain elements, both economic and non, in order to identify the potential and the critical aspects of crowdfunding, with particular reference to the development of this alternative fundraising mechanism in Italy. The research project intends to investigate the degree of knowledge about the crowdfunding that the potential users (firms) have and to understand the motivations that drive firms to use this channel for fundraising. More specifically, it is important to assess which factors determine the decision to use a crowdfunding campaign instead of a traditional funding channel to finance a project. This analysis also allows us to identify the factors that can lead a firm not to choose crowdfunding as a source for new financing, highlighting in this way elements that can limit the crowdfunding potential to grow and spread. These objectives have already been partly achieved by an exploratory study within Vicenza, through the use of interviews and focus groups.
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Veronica De Crescenzo

Veronica De Crescenzo
Associate Professor
Veronica Polin
Associate Professor (Department Economics)
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The citizens’ engagement in the financing process of civic ‘place-based’ initiatives Finanza aziendale
Corporate finance
JEL D63 - Equity, Justice, Inequality, and Other Normative Criteria and Measurement Economia del benessere e delle scelte collettive Welfare Economics
JEL H26 - Tax Evasion Analisi delle politiche pubbliche Taxation, Subsidies, and Revenue
JEL I32 - Measurement and Analysis of Poverty Economia del benessere e delle scelte collettive Welfare and Poverty
JEL I38 - Government Policy; Provision and Effects of Welfare Programs Economia del benessere e delle scelte collettive Welfare and Poverty
The corporate financial structure and the innovative financing instruments Finanza aziendale
Corporate finance


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