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External auditing role between regulation and company’s behavior

The research group aims to analyse costs and benefits of external auditing, also in relation with different national contexts and the latest regulatory reforms. The overall objective of the research activities is to contribute to the debate on the effectiveness of auditing reforms, by providing new insights to both academics and policy makers in an Accounting and Regulation perspective. Empirical evidences on benefits and drawbacks of the mandatory rotation system in Italian audit firms are gathered, with a specific attention on earnings quality, costs for auditing and costs for services other than auditing. Drawing on the theoretical framework of New Institutional Sociology, the group also develops comparative studies on the effects of the latest auditing reforms on the auditors’ activity in Italy, United Kingdom and Australia, with a focus on managerial and organizational aspects. Research activities rely on both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.
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Cristina Florio

Cristina Florio
Associate Professor
Silvano Corbella
Full Professor
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Enterprise Risk Management, corporate governance and firm performance Gestione del rischio
Risk management
Integrated Reporting Contabiità
Compliance program Governance aziendale e strategia
Corporate governance and strategy
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A Comparative Analysis of How Auditors Have Been Impacted by the UK (Advanced Regulation) and Italian (EU Directive) Audit Reforms Cristina Florio Sep 1, 2018 11


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