The Institutions of Public Law and Economy Law [Cognomi A-K] (2008/2009)

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Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
1 - lezione 8 IUS/09-PUBLIC LAW Secondo semestre Paolo Cavaleri
2 - lezione 2 IUS/09-PUBLIC LAW Secondo semestre Paolo Duret

Learning outcomes

The discipline covers both Italian Constitutional Law, seen also in the perspective of European integration, and General Administrative Law, with specific reference to the basics of Economic Public Law. The main goal is offer to students the knowledge of basic principles of the two aforementioned disciplines and, more generally, the instruments to tackle and to master the whole legal phenomenon in future undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as professional activity. For this purpose, some in-depth sessions will be organized on core topics for the education on economics, in order to offer some examples on use of research instruments and of individual study.


frontal lectures

Assessment methods and criteria

The exams will be carried out as oral exams.