Opening Cooperative Optimized Reliable E-procurement services for non core cross-border trading

Data inizio
20 aprile 2014
Durata (mesi) 
Responsabili (o referenti locali)
Russo Ivan

OpenCORE is the new cross-border e-procurement platform that merges web-published product catalogs from any supplier from any sector, with web (semantic) procurement interactions and open commercial standards to offer business
organizations a value tool to on-line trading/sell items, overcoming borders, languages, norms, currency exchange and sector regulations. The aim is to set-up a replicable, scalable clustering model to allow European buyers and suppliers to build innovative trans-national services, in order to turn large data volumes into semantically interoperable data assets and knowledge.
In brief, OpenCore aims at reaching the following objectives:
1. Develop an open, flexible and scalable cloud platform to leverage on cross-border, cross-language knowledge, ending up
in the OpenCore platform, accessible everywhere
2. Enhance e-procurement processes and services for non-core products by allowing EU companies to open up their reusable
commercial data within trusted clusters
3. Provide automatic translation in different languages, helping to extend the international network of customers and
suppliers for indirect vending, widening the scope of the business.
4. Assess the value chain efficiency and effectiveness thanks to the OpenCore platform (i.e. cost reduction, better quality of
procurement, lead time improvement, data analysis, and benchmarking within cross-sector industries)
5. Improve the capabilities of SMEs to leverage on Big Data by best practices on the supply chain services disseminated by
the consortium .
6. Harness Big Data analytics to value business information and socially enriched user generated content to improve supply
chain operations.
7. Validate vertical Big Data analytics tools to predict future customer behaviour
8. Set up a clustering organization model (scalable and replicable) to allow the solutions take up, providing the EU
companies with a format that can be replicable and adopted by both SMEs and large Industries

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