The role of functional integration in managing commercial returns in the fashion industry  (2011)

Cardinali, S.; Russo, Ivan
The role of functional integration in managing commercial returns in the fashion industry
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Building Capabilities for Sustainable Global Business: Balancing Corporate Success & Social Good
21-23 July
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functional integration; fashion industry; returns flow.
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Many companies see, from a practical perspective, customers’ product returns as a major inconvenience and an eroder of profits; after all, products returns cost manufacturers and retailers more than $ 100 billion per year, on an average loss per company of about 3.8% in profit. Customer returns routinely reduce the profitability of retailers by 4.3 percent and that of manufacturers by 3.8 percent. In view of this transformation in the distribution and supply area, we have observed therefore an increased complexity in market management issues (sales predictions, orders management) which make the relationship be-tween the marketing, sales, logistics and production functions more critical. Managing the flow of product returns is increasingly recognized as a strategically important activity that spans different functions within and across firms, particularly marketing and operations. Returns management can make it possible to gather information from the customers in an efficient way through the return flows. The focus of our paper is to investigate the returns management process in the shoemaking context. In particu-lar, our research questions are: • what is the role of commercial returns across the different business functions? • what is the role of returns management process in sales management strategy, specifically regarding gatekeeping, returns avoidance and returns policy in the footwear industry? The gap in the literature we wish to fill specifically refers therefore to the management of returns in the footwear industry, paying special attention to functional integration, gatekeeping and avoidance in managing returns in the different activities in a business-to-business context.
Leading management schools are increasingly recognizing the inter-disciplinary nature of management education and research. Especially important for the rapidly industrializing region in which we live and work are new approaches and business models for ecologically sustainable business practices and societal welfare. Scholarship from around the globe is increasingly directed at the complex cross-discipline management challenges we face in these aspects of human endeavor. I am happy to inform you that the Lee Kong Chian School of Business is jointly organizing the 12th International Conference of the Society of Global Business and Economic Development at SMU scheduled for July 21-23, 2011. This conference provides an opportunity to meet faculty from over the globe at our home ground. The theme, “Building Capabilities for Sustainable Business: Balancing Corporate Success and Social Good” recognizes growing interest worldwide in alternatives to business-as-usual. Submissions have now crossed 240 abstracts from over 30 countries around the globe, and counting. As close to 50 of the abstracts so far are on sustainability issues, it seems appropriate to refer to this as a “Sustainability Conference.” Do consider this timely conference as a way to align and develop your own academic and industry interests to this challenging field, providing an opportunity to share your own work and benefit from the work shared by others around the globe. The conference registration fee is steeply discounted for Singapore institutions and academe and costs to attend are minimal.
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Cardinali, S.; Russo, Ivan, The role of functional integration in managing commercial returns in the fashion industryAtti di "Building Capabilities for Sustainable Global Business: Balancing Corporate Success & Social Good" , Singapore , 21-23 July , 2011

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